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Glass steel odor collection cover paper

Along with the national environmental protection standards continue to improve, in recent years in the sewage treatment process, control odor generated has been in full swing. Our company in Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute (Group) Co., Ltd. under the guidance of the research and development of production: high strength and no support, no frame glass steel odor collection cover, 。

Long service life

Selection of high-quality materials and the most scientific formula: all all the alkali free glass fiber, the outer cover made by anti aging middle uv gel coat resin using high strength resin 196, inside epoxy vinyl ester anticorrosive resin, production process using vacuum diversion technology, greatly improving the strength and resistance of FRP cover corrosion and aging resistance, service life can reach 15 ~ 20 years.

Excellent appearance and diversity

This is the advantages and characteristics of glass steel cover. According to customer requirements and the actual situation, according to the shape of the pond (circular, rectangular and irregular shape), a cover at the design and production of various shapes. I chose the most scientific design (has been a design patent issued by national patent bureau certification), greatly improving the vertical span of cover (now the single span has more than 20m)

Convenient installation, high load value

The maximum longitudinal arch cover height is less than 1200mm. FRP cover shape are curved, and smooth surface, and a large area in the cover when using set combination plate reduce Mega wind pressure, greatly improving the ability of resisting typhoon. I produced the glass steel cover during the installation process, allowing the construction personnel in construction and running top cover. When the installation is complete, you can allow the uniform live load limit is 0.5KPa

Rich experience in the industry

Has 27 years of experience in water treatment I was Secretary of the China Environmental Protection Industry Association as director approved the formation of units China environmental

Outstanding R & D capability

With 8 scraping mud machine and other high-tech products Invention patent product 4, Mud scraper 7 utility model patent products 5 scraper products listed in the Department

Strict product quality system

Strict production process control Perfect product sampling system Targeted customized products, assessment

High cost performance

Company product quality, price lower than the same Class products, inputs from water treatment equipment Comparison of operating years, the new era of products with high cost.

Perfect after sales service system

Experienced service engineer Project after-sales service team completed Provide a full range of water treatment solutions Regularly through the service report feedback operation

Jiangsu new era of after-sales service?
Jiangsu new era after-sales service commitments Jiangsu new era uphold a full range of high-quality, fast service standards, customer satisfaction as the goal, hereby open commitment.
Jiangsu new era of environmental equipment easy to use
Jiangsu new era of environmental protection equipment has been exported to Europe, excellent quality, absolutely easy to use!

Jiangsu new era environmental protection Co., Ltd. was founded in 1982, covers an area of 25 thousand square meters. Construction area of 12 thousand square meters, the registered capital of 30 million yuan, registered trademarks for "XJY" annual sales reached 85 million yuan, of which (suction) scraping mud machine equipment sales amounted to 38 million yuan, 280 employees, specializing in environmental protection equipment design and production of joint-stock enterprises, leading products (ceiling) scraping mud machine and other equipment all kinds of water treatment equipment. Annual production capacity of 150 million yuan, with self import and export rights qualifications. The ISO9001 international quality system certification center and the British QEC zdhy certification. Science and technology progress and heavy contract trustworthy enterprise, bank credit AAA level, Jiangsu quality trustworthy enterprise. October 21, 2008 was re certified high-tech enterprises, in 2009 by the national Ministry of science and technology as a national key high-tech enterprises...